Liberal Studies Guides exists to help teachers engage their students more deeply when discussing English novels by making study guides and cross-curricular resources available for free for use in the classroom. In addition, we offer free workshops on using the Socratic method in classrooms of all levels to build your skills at unlocking a habit of inquiry and learning among students!

Our study guides break down novels into lessons with suggested topics for discussion, possible exercises and assignments, and ready-to-use work sheets. We tie these tools together with resources beyond the book for to encourage the discussion of current events, history, music, philosophy, and economics to help spark the imaginations of your students and tie the lessons to the real world.

We are pleased to offer the guides and resources for free on a password-protected basis to teachers. Although the guides offered are aimed at English classrooms, the supplementary resources may be useful for history, music, drama, communications studies, economics, philosophy, and social studies.

Liberal Studies Guides is a project of The Institute for Liberal Studies, a non-partisan, registered charity. We believe that by promoting better discussion of the topics that make us more thoughtful and better equipped to discuss the problems facing Canadian society, we can make the country a better place.